Investment & Offshore Protection Trusts

Protect your assets, reduce your taxes, increase your investment’s freedom and more with an Offshore Trust

  • Offshore Trusts are a completely legal way to protect your assets and everyone can set one up.
  • If you hold assets in your own name – or even in a corporation – you could be doing yourself a huge disservice.
  • Setting up a foreign trust is a bullet-proof asset protection strategy as it adds a layer between your assets and anyone trying to seize your wealth.
  • By using an Offshore Trust rather than one in your own country, you can enjoy additional protections simply not available at home.
  • Trust is simply a three-way agreement that allows one party (Settlor) to transfer their assets to a second party (Trustee) to benefit a third party (Beneficiaries).
What’s different about an Offshore Trust?  It is just like a regular trust, except abroad.

The agreement that is set out is known as the ‘Deed of Trust’ and provides clear instructions for how the assets will be used and distributed to the beneficiaries.

In most cases, the individual who creates the trust can also include themselves as a beneficiary.

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